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Prepare Your Defenses: Refill Rodent Stations & Ward Off Insects

Help Us, Help You! Your Feedback is Invaluable. Please never hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. If a service we provide does not seem to perform, please let us know so we can get to the bottom of it. CONTACT US ONLINE or CALL/TEXT (906) 553-4841 Fly Season/Harboring Insect Season is Here! Call…

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Ready Your Defenses: Restock Rodent Stations & Prevent Harboring Pests

Living in the UP doesn’t mean you have to live with mice. Dump the silly bucket. Call a Pro! Operation Dump the Bucket! Don’t share your living space with mice. Forget the makeshift solutions. Trust the professionals! We’ll be out to restock bait stations soon. Call or text us at (906) 553-4841 to get on…

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Summer Pests: Mosquitos, Bats, & Stinging Insects

Mosquitos! Mosquitoes are extremely bad this year – with the late snow and quick melts in the U.P., we have endured a lot of pests this season. The dampness contributes to more habitats for mosquito larvae, which can only survive in still water. The best way to prevent mosquito-borne illnesses is to keep larvae from…

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May 2023 Newsletter

Spring Break-Ins, Pest Intruders and Their Babies! Squirrels, mice, and other wildlife are enjoying the break in the weather and playing house. Do you hear noises in the attic or within the wall? Want a quote to seal up possible entry points? Call, text, or email us at Northern Pest. Bats Are Flying! If you…

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Our Spring Pest Applications Will Be Starting Soon!

We’re all grateful for the warmer weather, but with the snow melt, nature’s little pests will soon come out in full force. In May, we’ll be starting our Spring Pest Applications. You’ll be one step ahead with spring and summer pest barriers. We prevent insects from getting a foothold and multiplying by prepping your home…

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Spring Bait Stations & Real Inflation Reduction Action Ends Soon!

Early Spring Means Bait Stations Restocks Spring is just around the corner! We will be restocking bait stations for our recurring UP Rodent customers. This will start as the snow melt allows and continue throughout April. Strategically placed bait stations with high-quality, palatable bait are imperative to control the rodent population. Rodent bait stations maintained during the spring and…

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