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What is Exclusion Trapping?

What is exclusion trapping? Exclusion trapping is a type of live trapping where an animal is trapped at its point of entry into a structure. It is opposed to ground trapping, where a baited trap is simply placed on the open ground in hopes that the target animal will go into it. Exclusion trapping has…

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no ticks

Tick Bites and Prevention

You may have already seen articles this year stating that the tick population here in Michigan has already increased beyond “average” levels. Experts seem to agree: there are far more ticks than usual this year, and there are a number of reasons for that. But first, what is a tick, and should you be concerned…

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Use Your Bird Seed Wisely

One of the easiest ways to deter unwanted wildlife from getting into your home is to get bird feeders away from the house. We love the birds, but the hard truth is that the bird seed people put in their feeders attracts all sorts of critters, from raccoons to deer to squirrels and mice. Birds…

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Mold Remediation

An unwanted animal infestation in your wall or attic can bring a lot of headaches. Besides the removal of the animal itself, homeowners often have to contend with cleaning up after the mess the animal made. Raccoons, squirrels, mice, and especially bats can destroy insulation and wreak havoc in your attic. How Animal Problems Become…

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How to carry a snapping turtle

The Proper Way to Help A Turtle Across the Road

A common act of charity on Michigan roads is the occasional stop to help a turtle cross the street so it doesn’t become a road pancake. This is easy enough when the turtle is a small painted box  turtle, but it can get a little sketchy when it is a very large, mature snapping turtle….

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The Insect Freeze-Tolerance Mechanism

With harsh winter upon us, people are desperate for a silver lining. If we must suffer through the polar vortex with its absurd amounts of snow and subzero temperatures, perhaps at least it could mean a reduced insect population in the summer? Will this frigid winter kill off more than the average amounts of insect…

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