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Bed Bugs in Hotels & More

Unfortunately, bed bugs infiltrate hotels more often than you think. These pests are common in all 50 states, and since they bunker down within upholstery and other fabrics, they survive the harshest winters. Bed bugs don’t only sequester hotels; they hitch a ride from unsuspecting travelers and can cause a nuisance within offices, daycares, hospitals,…

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Stinging Insects & Allergic Reactions

Stinging insects such as paper wasps, hornets, and yellowjackets are out in full throttle now that warmer weather has arrived. These pesky creatures may be a real pain, but they also serve some good. For example, the Northern Paper Wasp keeps in check devouring caterpillars that feast on our crops and trees. Read on to…

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Problematic Carpenter Ants

During home inspections, one of several things we look out for is the existence of wood-boring insects. While many of these pests are beneficial in converting deadwood into the soil, having them in your home can be dangerous as they compromise a house’s structural integrity. The prevalence of wood-boring insects is heavily dependent on the…

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Fleas and Flea Treatments

A flea infestation can be a real occasion of misery for your household. Besides causing serious irritation to your pets, they can spread into carpet and other upholstered areas and may begin feeding on the resident humans for their blood feasts. Historically, fleas have also been transmitters of major diseases, most notably the Black Plague…

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no ticks

Tick Bites and Prevention

You may have already seen articles this year stating that the tick population here in Michigan has already increased beyond “average” levels. Experts seem to agree: there are far more ticks than usual this year, and there are a number of reasons for that. But first, what is a tick, and should you be concerned…

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honey Bee

Identifying a Honey Bee

“Help! I’ve got honey bees in my house!” As summer approaches, we start to get a lot more calls for “bees.” I put “bees” in quotation marks because often “bee” is a catch-all phrase people will use to refer to any and all stinging insects. Yellow jackets, carpenter bees, honey bees, bald faced hornets, mud…

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