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February 2023 Newsletter

February 21, 2023

Real Inflation Reduction Action!

The cost of everything is going up. Northern Pest is determined to keep our prices down. Our goal to sustain reasonable pricing while providing high-quality pest control services is achievable by planning ahead. By scheduling customers for Spring/Summer Pest Barriers by April 15th, we can plan and save time and resources.

Customers who sign up will get matched pricing from 2021/2022!!

Call or text to sign up: (906) 553-4841

Email to sign up:

Contact us on our website to sign up:

Offer Ends April 15th – Sign Up Now! With spring and summer pest barriers, you’ll be one step ahead. By prepping your home or business before the heat, we prevent insects from getting a foothold and multiplying. Periodic maintenance around homes and buildings provides the best line of defense. Call or visit our website to learn more.

Northern Pest is fully licensed and insured, and we look forward to serving you!

From Home, the Lake, Camp, or Your Business –Northern Pest Has You Covered!

Our Family Serving Yours

Northern Pest blends both the pest control and wildlife control industries to provide effective holistic service to our customers. In addition to insect and animal control, Northern Pest is an experienced licensed builder. We offer cleanup, restoration, insulation, and general repairs related to the pest and wildlife industry. We are here to handle pest problems, start to finish. Our no-contract service ensures that you are provided prompt and affordable service.

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