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Mold Remediation

An unwanted animal infestation in your wall or attic can bring a lot of headaches. Besides the removal of the animal itself, homeowners often have to contend with cleaning up after the mess the animal made. Raccoons, squirrels, mice, and especially bats can destroy insulation and wreak havoc in your attic. How Animal Problems Become…

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How to carry a snapping turtle

The Proper Way to Help A Turtle Across the Road

A common act of charity on Michigan roads is the occasional stop to help a turtle cross the street so it doesn’t become a road pancake. This is easy enough when the turtle is a small painted box  turtle, but it can get a little sketchy when it is a very large, mature snapping turtle….

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Mouse in the wall

How to Tell If the Noises I’m Hearing are Rodents?

Homeowners know that a house makes lots of sounds—anything from the siding expanding in the summer, to attic beams contracting in cooler air, to the mysterious creaking sound of “the house settling”. There are, however, some sounds that are absolutely anxiety-inducing for any homeowner: the sounds of rodents in the house. Perhaps you have heard…

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honey Bee

Identifying a Honey Bee

“Help! I’ve got honey bees in my house!” As summer approaches, we start to get a lot more calls for “bees.” I put “bees” in quotation marks because often “bee” is a catch-all phrase people will use to refer to any and all stinging insects. Yellow jackets, carpenter bees, honey bees, bald faced hornets, mud…

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bats in the attic

Explaining Check Valves for Bats

Let’s say you hypothetically noticed a bat or two in your home over the winter and called Northern Pest in the late spring to set up an inspection. Your technician arrives in early June, and writes up a quote, which you consider for a week or so. You decide to move forward with the bat…

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house mouse

Effective Mouse Control

As winter approaches and the temperature outside drops, we humans like to cozy up inside our nice, warm houses. Unfortunately, so do pests such as mice, squirrels, and raccoons. In Michigan, mice are certainly our biggest wintertime pest concern. Unlike other mammals, a mouse will not hibernate, and mice colonies will remain active throughout the…

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