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Fleas and Flea Treatments

A flea infestation can be a real occasion of misery for your household. Besides causing serious irritation to your pets, they can spread into carpet and other upholstered areas and may begin feeding on the resident humans for their blood feasts. Historically, fleas have also been transmitters of major diseases, most notably the Black Plague…

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no ticks

Tick Bites and Prevention

You may have already seen articles this year stating that the tick population here in Michigan has already increased beyond “average” levels. Experts seem to agree: there are far more ticks than usual this year, and there are a number of reasons for that. But first, what is a tick, and should you be concerned…

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Mouse Invasion

The falling temperatures of October drive rodents indoors seeking warmth. What should you know about mouse control going into the autumn? Getting a Handle on a Mouse Problem The best way to get on top of a mouse problem is by use of our tamper-resistant bait stations. A combination of interior and exterior bait stations…

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insulation inspection

Lower Heating Costs by Reducing Drafts

You might know us for removing critters from your home, but did you know we can also help with lowering home energy costs? From reducing drafts, repairing insulation, and performing a thorough energy audit, Northern Pest has you covered. Skyrocketing Heating Bills? Lower outside temperatures often mean higher heating expenses. Northern Pest has decades of…

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Use Your Bird Seed Wisely

One of the easiest ways to deter unwanted wildlife from getting into your home is to get bird feeders away from the house. We love the birds, but the hard truth is that the bird seed people put in their feeders attracts all sorts of critters, from raccoons to deer to squirrels and mice. Birds…

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Mold Remediation

An unwanted animal infestation in your wall or attic can bring a lot of headaches. Besides the removal of the animal itself, homeowners often have to contend with cleaning up after the mess the animal made. Raccoons, squirrels, mice, and especially bats can destroy insulation and wreak havoc in your attic. How Animal Problems Become…

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