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Check Valves for Bat Exclusion

Small brown bats, common in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, may hibernate for more than six months. With the arrival of warm weather and insects, bats too emerge in search of food. In their hunt, they may find their way into your home and decide it makes a nice area to roost. Any suspected bat invasion should…

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Most people look forward to the arrival of warmer weather in the Spring. Unfortunately, so do pests and all the little nuisance wildlife we’ve come to know. The best way to minimize the chance of an infestation is prevention, and right now is the most efficient time of the year to get a jump start…

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April 2022 Newsletter

Rodent Bait Stations A mice infestation is a common household problem that brings several health risks and hazards to a home or business. Once you spot a rodent scurrying around, there are likely dozens more nesting on the property. The most effective way to get rid of these pests is by using bait stations. Unlike…

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Problematic Carpenter Ants

During home inspections, one of several things we look out for is the existence of wood-boring insects. While many of these pests are beneficial in converting deadwood into the soil, having them in your home can be dangerous as they compromise a house’s structural integrity. The prevalence of wood-boring insects is heavily dependent on the…

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Transmissible Diseases Carried by Rodents

Beyond sneaking into our residences and breaking into our food supply, rodents are also a significant concern because they can transmit several diseases to humans through waste and other forms of contamination. Mice and rats can carry more than 35 different diseases, so getting rid of them at the earliest sign of an invasion is…

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Signs of Mice in the House

Mice are the most common rodent found in peoples’ homes. Using whatever materials they can find to make their nests, these pests invade homes by squeezing through tiny holes and voids within walls or other areas. They can also gnaw through drywall and insullation with ease. Mice prefer to snack on grains, fruits, seeds, crackers,…

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