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Problems with Mice in Campers, Boats, or Other Recreational Vehicles?

Northern Michigan is prone to pests seeking shelter during the harsh winter. When temperatures dip near freezing, residents may notice an uptick in pest activity within the premises. For those who own an RV or camper, keeping mice at bay when the vehicle is not in use is especially difficult. Mice are small enough to…

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Fall Sprays for Harboring Flies and Wasps

In early fall, large masses of cluster flies look for a warm place to crash for the winter, usually on the sunny side of buildings. They tend to return to certain homes/structures…scientists are still unsure how or why. They sneak inside cracks and crevices as the temperatures dip, seeking warmth within your attic, wall voids,…

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Bald-Faced Hornets

Bald-faced hornets are most problematic in the late summer when their colonies are largest. Classified as “social insects,” bald-faced hornets work together to build their papery grey hive containing 100 to 400 members. Bald-faced hornets are larger than wasps and are primarily black with a white face. Unlike other stinging insects, Bald-faced hornets are more…

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Get Help Today! All Insects! From basic pest prevention to the treatment of the most sensitive ecosystems, Northern Pest’s certified technicians assist our clients in the most effective and professional manner. Northern Pest’s goal is to provide our customers with solutions to their needs without unnecessary contracts. Bed Bugs Cockroaches Bees Hornets Yellow Jackets Spiders…

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Stinging Insects & Allergic Reactions

Stinging insects such as paper wasps, hornets, and yellowjackets are out in full throttle now that warmer weather has arrived. These pesky creatures may be a real pain, but they also serve some good. For example, the Northern Paper Wasp keeps in check devouring caterpillars that feast on our crops and trees. Read on to…

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Check Valves for Bat Exclusion

Small brown bats, common in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, may hibernate for more than six months. With the arrival of warm weather and insects, bats too emerge in search of food. In their hunt, they may find their way into your home and decide it makes a nice area to roost. Any suspected bat invasion should…

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