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Fall Sprays for Harboring Flies and Wasps

September 27, 2022
Fall Sprays for Harboring Flies and Wasps

In early fall, large masses of cluster flies look for a warm place to crash for the winter, usually on the sunny side of buildings. They tend to return to certain homes/structures…scientists are still unsure how or why. They sneak inside cracks and crevices as the temperatures dip, seeking warmth within your attic, wall voids, and other hidden areas. While sluggish in the winter, they’ll congregate on warm, sunny days, trying to find their way outdoors.

The best way to avoid a cluster fly infestation is to prevent them from getting in. Like other pests, such as wasps who also harbor, it’s important to ensure that all cracks and openings are properly sealed, paying special attention to your siding, vents, screens, and where your roof connects to the walls.

The best way to eliminate a cluster fly infestation is to get your home treated by a professional pest control specialist such as Northern Pest. Our techs have the tools and expertise to identify and locate harboring cluster flies and any other pest. We can treat your home or business that will stop vacationing pests.

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Mice & Bait Stations

Like flies and other pests, mice are also searching for warm shelter. Unfortunately, your home or business offers food, warmth, and protection for a mice colony. To prevent an infestation, take the steps before they enter your premises and save yourself from the torment of dealing with an invasion.

Mice relentlessly look for entry points to gain refuge, usually small holes within walls and cracks between windows and doors. Garages, basements, attics, or other small dark spaces offer safe harborage that mice seek. A small mouse family will quickly multiply as each individual pest will work on building its own nest. The more nests, the greater the droppings, which leave harmful pathogens for humans and pets.

Depending on the severity of the infestation will determine treatment application. Generally, the most effective way to get rid of mice is by using bait stations (below.) These devices are tamper-resistant and hold rodenticide bait blocks. Rodents are attracted to the bait within the station, they eat and leave as they normally would, and they die outside within a day or two in search of hydration.

Bait stations only work as long as there is enough rodenticide for the rodents you are trying to control. Our recurring rodent services will regularly come out as scheduled to check and refill stations. We not only make sure to use the appropriate bait, but we will ensure that the bait stations are strategically placed both indoors and outdoors.

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